If there is one food product that can be found in households around the world, then that is wheat! In India, wheat is known to be the great cereal king. In fact, it is one of the most loved agricultural good that is exported and supplied by traders in India.  

Wheat is a rabi crop and it belongs to the grass family called, ‘Poaceae’. Many varieties of wheat are  cultivated and exported around the world. But the most common variety of wheat that is chosen for export by suppliers in India is named ‘Triticum Aestivum.’ It contains a lot of great nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, fibers, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. 

Wheat traders in India say that wheat is a very profitable item of trade. It generally takes up to 110 to 130 days to sow and harvest a great wheat yield. However, it is important to maintain temperate or tropical temperatures for this. In cases of the modern farming cultures of today, factors like fertilizers and growth regulators also influence the production of wheat.  

Apart from India, there are other countries around the world too that are known to be big wheat exporters. These include China, Russia, USA, Canada, France, Pakistan, Ukraine and Germany. Recent stats show that China alone produces 120 million metric tons of wheat annually, making it the top wheat trader globally.  

Focusing on the wheat suppliers in India, they have surely reaped great benefits all through the seasonal dips. This is because wheat is a staple food in India and it accounts for 80% of the average Indian daily meals. It is also known as a great source of energy, that helps in digestion and even protects the body from serious long-term ailments like heart disease. This makes it a highly demanded food crop in India. In fact, it was reported that India exported 7 million tones of wheat in 2021-22. The major wheat traders in India are located in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. However, Uttar Pradesh or U.P. tops this chart as it contributes over 30% to the total wheat production in India, making it the largest wheat producing state in the country.  

There are many reasons why UP is considered to be the ideal state for wheat production. Let’s have a look at some of them today! 

  1. 1. Climate 

Wheat is mainly a winter crop but thanks to global warming and innovations in farming, it is now cultivated during different times of the year. It primarily needs a cool climate and moderate rains, with temperatures lower than 25 degrees Celsius. Uttar Pradesh has all these factors in check as it is located in a tropical region, and close to the Himalayas. Therefore, the climate is perfect for wheat production in UP.  

  1. 2. Soil 

The cultivation of wheat is best in black soil and UP has great fertile black soil cover, specifically in the regions of Mirzapur, Jhansi, Bundelkhand and Son Bhadra districts. Therefore, the wheat traders in India are quite keen on sourcing wheat supplies from UP. 

  1. 3. Government Support 

India is dependent on agriculture for its major export and trading business. So, the government here aids the industry through many measures. In UP, the government has been giving additional incentives, low-interest farming loans as well as subsidies on farming equipment purchase. This has therefore, encouraged the wheat farmers in UP to continue wheat cultivation.  

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