India has a great reputation in the world when it comes to its agricultural exports. The country’s economy is primarily dependent on the business operations of the agricultural sector. “According to Inc42, the Indian agricultural sector is predicted to increase to US$ 24 billion by 2025. Indian food and grocery market is the world’s sixth largest, with retail contributing 70% of the sales” (Source: The fact that the agricultural industry of India is going to grow so much indicates that the agricultural product exporters in India are meant to see a lot of benefits as well as growth.  

However, while this optimistic point of view is great to stay the course of an agricultural products exporter in India and keep reaping the benefits of the same. But truth be told, being an agricultural products exporter is not always an easy task. There are quite a few hurdles that we face along the way. Today, let’s talk about some of the persistent challenges we, that is, the agricultural products exporters in India face on a regular basis to make the exporting business a possibility.  

  • Limited transport connectivity:  

India is a big country and the Agricultural products in India come from different regions. Therefore, it is important that our country continuously works on developing its road and transport facilities. More options of transport would be great to connect exporting businesses and improve upon the delivery timelines. 

  • Financial support is difficult: 

The finance support in the form of export credits and trading loans demands high interest rates and huge collaterals. In fact, many agricultural products exporters in India don’t even know the financial support they can access for their exporting business. The attempts that are being made to educate the exporters about this credit access need to be pushed forward with a greater rigour and speed.  

  • Policies are stringent: 

Every country has its own export-import policies. But some policies can make it very difficult for some agricultural products exporters, especially the smaller ones, to make their way through this. In fact, understanding these can take a long time as well. 

  • Time consuming processes: 

The paperwork and the processing involved in the exporting business of agricultural products in India is an elongated process and it requires a lot of document submission. The government has tried to simplify this for agricultural products exporters in India and now just a few primary documents are needed for the purpose of agricultural exporting. These include- Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Shipping Bill.  

  • Storage difficulties: 

Sometimes the exported agricultural products in India are perishable in nature and with limited or outdated storage facilities making successful export shipments can be very challenging.  

  • Seasonal yields: 

All the agricultural products exporters find it difficult to cope with the demand for agricultural products that are seasonal in nature and can’t be supplied all year around.  

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