Indian agricultural produce is in great-demand all over the world. The export-import business of Indian farm products is one of the highest globally. This is because of the beautiful tropical weather of our country and its stunning soil quality, which allows for an easy and inclusive farming experience. We, at Badani Corporation consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to source and supply such premium standard agricultural produce internationally. We are a trading company that deal with the manufacturing, processing, supplying and exporting of agricultural goods like wheat, peanuts, spices, sesame seeds and pulses.

In all the categories of the products we export, we have many sub-types and kinds. But, when it comes to sesame seeds we only export the widely used variety, that is the ‘Natural White Sesame Seed’. Did you know that these seeds actually have a lot of health benefits? No? Well, in that case, let’s get to know them in a little more detail!

Sesame seeds come from the family of ‘Sesamum Indicum’. These are borne out of a flowering plant that produces pods and inside these are attached the main edible seeds. These seeds come in two types- black and white. While the black sesame has a pungent smell and a strong flavour, the white sesame has a soothing aroma and a mild flavour. This makes the white variety of the sesame seeds more versatile. However, both the kinds of sesame seeds are nutty to eat and are found in dessert recipes as well as savoury dishes.

Sesame seeds are used for multiple purposes such as sauce and condiment preparations, oiling and salad bowls. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also, sesame seeds are effective in fighting oral cavities, bodily infections, hair loss, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

Since we understand the great use of sesame seeds, we make sure that all our raw material is procured from skilled and efficient crop cultivators only. This helps us in maintaining our promise of providing quality produce timely.

India is the biggest producer of sesame seeds and at Badani, we work on processing the best for our dealers. Our expansive network has allowed us to serve the best quality sesame seeds to the world and if you would like to have access to these as well, then get in touch with us today at [email protected] or +91 98250 75181.